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Spin-Float Honey-Wax Separator
U.S. Patent #: 3217979
Canadian Patent #: 723027


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This is the machine that instantly separates the honey from wax, pollen and other foreign particles. It works along the same principle as the cream separator. There are no screens or perforated metal. It is made of heavy, bright aluminum and is precision built. Under normal use it will last a lifetime.

The heart of the Spin-Float Honey-Wax Separator is the revolving drum, often called a centrifuge. In operation, the honey and cappings are pumped or dropped into the top of the centrifuge. This mixture is thrown to the outside wall where the separation takes place.

Then through a system of baffles and ports, the clear honey is drained off into the outer tank where it is pumped to the storage tanks. The wax is cut out by a rotary cutter and drops out of the center of the centrifuge.

The entire process is continuous. The capacity is above three thousand pounds per hour. For best operation, the honey-wax mixture should enter at a temperature range of between 95 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. If cooler than this, the separation is slower. Past performances in both domestic and foreign fields has proven that this machine will meet or exceed your expectations.

Advantages of the Separator:

  • Negligible Honey Loss In Wax Honey-Free Wax Melts Easily
  • Dry Cappings Mean Extra Honey! Clean Honey
  • No Messy Job Of Dipping And Carrying Wet Cappings
  • Increases Extracting Capacity
  • No Discoloration Of Honey Because Of Low Temperature Needed For Clarification
  • A More Professional, Sanitary Looking Operation
  • Saves Time And Labor
  • Eliminates Skimming Tanks
  • Easy Access To Grease Bearings


As an alternative to the mechanical speed control system that we currently offer, we have developed the Electronic Speed Drive System for your Separators.

The advantages of this new drive include:

  • Replaces adjustable motor base & variable speed pulley
  • Increases life of belts
  • Simple to install & operate
  • Reduces noise

Electronic Speed Drive Technical Data:

  • 220 Volt AC
  • 2 HP washdown motor
  • Telemechanique ATV 31 drive

Honey-Wax Seperator Technical Data:

  • Dimensions - 46" tall x 60" long x 48" wide
  • Weight - 720 lbs or 326.9 kilos
  • Voltage & Amperage - 220 Volt AC Single Phase- 9.5 Amps

Honey-Wax Separator with Electronic Drive Price $15,000.00
Crating $250.00
Prices subject to change without notice.