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Customers from around the world look to Cook & Beals, Inc. for their honey processing needs.  We are a leader in the industry, who manufacturer commercial honey extraction equipment (Extractors, Uncapper Conveyor, Empty Comb Rack, Deboxer, Pumps in standard cast steel and stainless steel with electronic drive options, the Spin-Float Honey Wax Separator, Heat Exchanger, Scale, and Wax Melter). Located in Loup City, Nebraska, in the heart of the United States, serving the industry since 1959.  We are family owned and operated, now in our third generation, and we understand the importance of reliable equipment and exceptional customer service that you can count on. 

Cook & Beals, Inc. was incorporated in 1964, but our business history goes back further than that. In the late 1950’s Max Cook, with the financial assistance from J.D. Beals (both beekeepers and where the name “Cook & Beals” originated from) and Jim Kuehl’s labor formed a partnership and began manufacturing the automatic uncapping machine. This machine for uncapping honey combs, although with many changes, is still being manufactured today.

In 1969, the late Jim and Ruby Kuehl purchased Cook & Beals, Inc. as our first generation, and continued to grow with the beekeeping industry in the U.S. and abroad through manufacturing, beekeeping and speaking opportunities. Cook & Beals, Inc. has through the years purchased and invented other pieces of machinery that fit in with its high-quality line of Honey Extracting Equipment, awarded both US and Canadian patents.

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Pat Kuehl, former President, with his wife Carol took over the family business in 1990. Together, as the second generation, they successfully grew the Cook & Beals, Inc. name in the industry through equipment manufacturing, beekeeping and their service work in beekeeping organizations from 1990-2015.

Shane Kuehl, President, together with his wife Tami took over the family business in 2015 as the third generation of Cook & Beals, Inc. We are excited to continue what our Grandparents and Parents did before us and are looking forward to future innovations and continued quality service to our friends and family in the honey and beekeeping industry.