$13,998.00 USD

Crating TBD/CMV

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Easy Access End Cap
Heat System (The Heat System comes standard with all new Heat Exchange Units, and is available for a field install on older units)

This Heat Exchange Unit is designed to warm honey, without overheating, so the wax and foreign materials can be easily removed. Of the many units in the field for use in the past years, this has proven to be the most successful and satisfactory for the operator. The unit consists of tubes inside a pipe which the honey is pumped through, and circulating hot oil inside the large pipe, transfers the heat to the honey. All tubes are removable in the event one may become damaged.

In 2021 we redesigned the Heat Exchange Unit to reduce it’s overall length, and field tested for an extracting season with remarkable results. Beginning with the 2022 production year, all Heat Exchange Units were of the new design. Old Style Heat Exchange Unit is available by custom order only; please call for details.