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Time is a scarce commodity for beekeepers, especially during the honey flow, and producing high-quality dry honey can be quite difficult when relying on traditional drying methods.

High moisture honey can be a huge concern in our industry, causing a slow down in honey extraction and loss of revenue on both the employer’s side as well as for the employees (due to work time lost in wages as a result of hired personnel being sent home because of high moisture levels in the honey). In an operation where success heavily relies on everything running smoothly and rapidly, high-moisture levels in the honey to be extracted is a huge issue. For some, the only solution is to stop the extraction line altogether and wait an extra day (or more) for other dehumidifier systems to bring the moisture down to more acceptable levels.

Some beekeepers are rethinking the way they extract honey, deciding against installing a new or better hot room system that is known from experience to not work well. But, rather, a new approach (or strategy) can be to run the extracting facility on a daily basis without taking into consideration the moisture levels in the honey. This plan returns empty super boxes to the bees more regularly and allows for the extracting of honey moisture at the end of the process.