The Heat System (comes standard on all new Heat Units sold, or available as a field install for older models of Heat Units) adds:

  • A Heat Tank with (2) 4500 watt heating elements
  • Fill Pipe
  • Vent
  • Sight Glass for Oil Level Observation
  • Recirculating Pump (with all necessary plumbing/fittings)


Control Panel:

Requires 50 amps, 220 volts, and is partially pre-wired.  Includes breaker box with breakers, thermostat, digital thermometer for both the honey and oil temperature, on/off switch and indicator lights for recirculating pump and heating elements.  The control panel also includes an audible pressure alarm with visual strobe kit.



The Oil Capacity is 27 gallons of 100% vegetable oil (we recommend the oil be changed every 3-5 years).


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