The Wax Melter from Cook & Beals, Inc. separates slum, wax, and honey into individual containers with minimal product degradation. The compact, self-contained Wax Melter is simple to operate and offers these features:


  • Thermostatically controlled heat
  • Insulated, aluminum construction for rapid heat transfer
  • Includes auxiliary heated double-jacketed tank for wax collection


For optimum results, the Cook & Beals, Inc. Wax Melter is recommended as a companion to the Cook & Beals Spin-Float Honey Wax Separator, which is capable of separating up to 99% of honey from the wax.


  • height (with cover) 46″
  • height (without cover) 38″
  • width 48″
  • length 54″
  • floor to drain (honey) 15″
  • floor to drain (wax) 20″
  • floor to drain (slum) 21″
  • power required 50A 230v AC 60HZ
  • heating elements (2) 4500 W
  • weight (empty) ~400 lbs.
  • Requires ~30 gallons of vegetable-based oil for combined main rear tank (~21 gal), and auxiliary tank (~9 gal).


** We recommend using vegetable-based oil in both the rear and auxiliary tanks.  We also recommend replacing the vegetable-based oil in both tanks between every 3-5 years to prolong life of the equipment.